[MrStrokesXXX] Jada Stevens (Big Booty Remix MrStrokes / 10.14.2016)

Jada Stevens has the best Ass in the World. Yes, I said it “The best Ass” in the WORLD. Chris And Jon Worship Ms. Stevens ass like its the last booty their ever going to see in the Universe. Jada shakes and Pops her ass for both the guys as they massage hot oil on her rubbing and waxing her cakes …This booty needs the Love and attention & Worship it deserves, than Chris and Jada than start off the Fucking, the scene escalates quickly migrating into the house where all the nasty shit begins, Double Dick Sucking Spit flying everywhere, Pussy Switching back and forth & a finale of 2 HUGE CUMLOADS …. This scene as u can tell We Edited quite differently, This is a Big Booty Dub Step Remix!!!!! I hope u guys really enjoy this i put music in the entire backround for a change of MrStrokesxxx Look. Enjoy it.

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