[IAmEighteen] Lily Jordan (CRAZY Cute Teen Gets Fucked So Hard / 08.02.2016)

Young Lily Jordan always had a burning crush on her brother’s friend, Bill Bailey and now that she’s 18 years old, all bets are off! After running into Bill in the park, Lily coyly invites him over to her parents’ house while they’re away. Once in her bedroom, she confesses to him that she’s been dying to have sex with him. After checking her I.D, Bill kisses her and cups and fondles her beautiful breasts. Lily fishes his big dick out of his pants and stuffs it in her mouth. Bill thrusts his hips and fucks her mouth until she’s gagging up cum bubbles. After licking her pink pussy, he STUFFS all nine inches of big porno cock in her tight hole!

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