[JamesDeen] Anna Deville, Sheena Rose, Kira Noir (Not Quite A Foursome Part 1 / 04.18.2016)

Anna Deville and Sheena Rose are really mean to their friend, Kira Noir. They tie her up, spit in her face, and rub her down. Okay, maybe that’s not mean. Kira seems to like it. But then James comes strolling in, ready to fuck some girls in the ass. Kira’s still tied up, so all she gets to do is watch. We can’t feel too sorry for her. Most people would pay for this kind of show. Anyway, Anna and Sheena fill their mouths with James’s cock and then beg him to fuck their pussies and asses. No hole is left unpunished. But what about Kira? “Please fuck my ass,” she says, from behind her ropes. Come back next week to see if her wish is granted.

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