[AbuseMe] Nina North (Gets used and abused / 04.10.2016)

Nina had a little get-together last night and things got a little outta hand. To make matters worse her boyfriend, Chris, came home early. He sees the mess, goes ballistic, and is now ready to make Nina pay for it. Since Nina loves sex rough and hard this seems the perfect way for Chris to get his frustration out. He starts with a little throat fucking. Nina loves it and takes his big cock all the way down her throat. As they continue to go at it Nina’s big tits and hard nipples get twisted and slapped around while her sweet plump ass is covered in hand prints. At one point Nina even wears her panties as a gag while that tight tender pussy continues to get pounded fiercely. She loves every second as her body is used and abused. Nina eventually drains Chris cock of every drop before getting back to cleaning up her mess.

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