[AbuseMe] Bambi Brooks (Rough sex takes the edge off / 04.12.2016)

Bambi’s boyfriend Bruno comes home from work after a hard day. He’s over agitated and needs to let off some steam. Bambi’s amazing body and love of hardcore sex seems the perfect medicine. Babi is extremely sexual and always up to try new things. She agrees to a “rougher then usual” fuck session without a second thought. Bruno easily tosses her perfectly petite and sexy body around as they get down to business. Bambi’s perky plump titties and tight juicy ass and pussy are slapped towards ultimate pleasure. Bruno bangs Bambi with everything he’s got, bringing Bambi to orgasm over and over. One final sloppy face fuck leaves Bambi covered in cum, after which a stress-free Bruno gracefully drops her in the bath.

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