[SexualDisgrace] Esmi Lee, Marina Angel (Marina Angel Sexual Disgrace Limiotless Pussybilities / 03.10.2016)

Teen sex slave Marina Angel is a world-class submissive, and if this scene is any indication of what level of depravity Marina will someday achieve, her future as a famous BDSM babe is secure! With her little hardbody shackled and her wrists and ankles bound together, her nipples are pumped up while Mistress Esmi and Master Bruno take turns flogging her sweet pink pussy with different whips, but this is just the appetizer! Next, her cunt is lubed and fingerfucked hard by Esmi and Bruno while he also whips her tits at the same time. A clothespin zipper is applied to her beef curtains and then she is fucked to submission by Bruno while Esmi humps her face. Bruno shocks Marina’s pussy with a cattle prod while Esmi counts down Marina’s orgasm. Marina deepthroats him and then he gives her pussy another pounding in missionary, reverse cowgirl and spoon positions. Bruno blows a huge load on to Marina’s face and Esmi scoops it up and stuffs it into Marina’s mouth until she swallows every drop. One hell of a show!

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