[MomPOV] Jill (36 Year Old Hottie Texas Mom / E41 / 02.21.2012)

This is another hot milf I flew in from Texas. She’s 36 years old and has never done a porn video before. She is definitely kind of shy for the camera but you can tell she is enjoying herself. She came really hard!! She works two jobs, goes to school and is a single mom. I don’t think she has the time to get laid much in her personal life. I guess a lack of sex + a lack of money = MomPov. The trip to come fuck me was a vacation for her, she even brought a friend along. I made good use of the time I had her. We completed two full scenes. She loosened up quite a bit for our second video together. Stay tuned for that update, she gets a cream pie, fucked in the ass, and a big facial.

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