[GloryHoleSecrets] Brandy Aniston (Brandy’s First Glory Hole Video POV Camera / 10.28.2015)

Welcome Brandy to our gloryhole, isn’t she a sexy thing? Damn! It’s crazy to think she has never been into a gloryhole booth before, especially with her high sexual appetite. Sex just oozes from every inch of her body. She talks about how she loves the fact of sucking off all these strangers and having no clue who they are or what they look like. She sits in her sexy outfit… see through shirt, very short jean shorts and of course barefoot. (for all you feet lovers) After her interview she shows her sexy ass how it hangs out of her shorts, she gets down on her knees and cock number 1 pushes through the hole. She wasn’t prepared for that, she laughs and giggles then takes his soft cock into her warm mouth. She spits on his cock and he gets rock hard in her mouth. She takes his dick all the way down her throat and uses her hands to jerk at the same time. She moans and groans, she likes dick. She gags herself on his big hard cock and when he is ready to pop, she opens her mouth and takes his cum load on her tongue. Some of it spills out her pretty mouth, but she scoops it up with her hands. She moves over to cock 2 and slurps him down her throat. She sucks and strokes, she spits on his dick and gives him a wet sloppy blowjob/handjob mix. She shows off her magical skills until he explodes his man juice into her mouth. She says how naughty she feels, then she strips off all her clothes showing off her rocking bod totally nude. She moves over to cock 3 and wastes no time putting his dick inside her mouth. She spits on his penis then takes him deep, she gags herself and likes it. He doesn’t last long with her, she enjoys swallowing load #3. She giggles and squats down getting ready to pleasure cock 4. She says how much she loves all these cocks as she sucks and jerks him at the same time. She spits on his rock hard dick and works on pleasing him. And that she does, he blasts her gorgeous mouth with his jizz, filling it up with a big cum shot. She reaches down and touches her pussy saying how wet she is as she moves over to cock 5. She gets down to business, sucking, stroking and spitting. As she is working cock 5, cock number 6 reaches through the hole and feels her nice tight ass. Cock 6 pushes through the hole and she jerks both of them at the same time. So moves over to 6 and deepthroats his hard cock, gagging herself. She spits on his dick, sucking and stroking. He doesn’t last long with this hottie, he squirts his cum load into her mouth, giving her another oral creampie. Cock 7 pushes through the hole and he gets hard in no time. She uses a lot of spit on him, getting it nice and wet. She moans a lot when she blows the guys, she truly enjoys cock. She deepthroats him, sucks and strokes him practically begging for his sperm. He fills her mouth with a big white load and she shows it before it goes down the hatch. She kisses his head and moves to cock 8. She says hi to him and puts him into her mouth. She spits on him, then sucks and strokes him up nice and hard. She performs her professional cock sucking skills until she extracts every drop of cum from his cock. Cock number 9 puts his hand through the hole, she shakes it and tells him nice to meet him as she giggles. His cock comes through the hole and she takes him deep into her warm mouth. He grows big and hard in her mouth. She sucks and strokes him fast and deep, gagging herself. He explodes his white cream on to her tongue, she shows it then swallows. Cock 10 pushes through the hole already rock hard. She gags on his dick as it goes deep down her throat. She really works his cock, but he can’t seem to cum so she moves over to cock 11. She gets cozy with her nice ass out and starts to blow and jerk him. She sucks deep and twirls her hand up and down his shaft until he is ready to release his hot cum on her tongue. Brandy moves over to cock 12 and sucks him deep, but slow. She strokes and sucks faster and deeper until he can’t hold back any longer and gives her his cum shot right on her long tongue. She gets comfortable on the bench and moves right over to cock 13. She treats him like he is the first cock of the day. Spitting, sucking, stroking and deepthroating him. She gives him her mouth & hand love until he pops, giving her a nice creamy cum load. Last but not least cock number 12 pushes through the hole and she sounds a little disappointed he is the last, she could suck cock all night long. She will come back for more at another visit. She gets down on his dick, sucks and jerks his super hard cock. She obviously knows how to pleasure him because he doesn’t last long and gives her his cum treat right into her mouth. She swallows the 12th load of the day. In the end she says the gloryhole booth was even more fun than she thought it was going to be.

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