[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Maddie (10.15.2015)

This week we introduce Maddie, a slim Latina show off who just may be a genuine nymphomaniac. As we meet her, Jay gets a behind the scenes interview where Maddie explains that of course she keeps sex toys in the car, obviously. How else is she going to send naughty videos to her fuck buddies and take care of “business” on long commutes? The interview moves to the bed where Maddie confesses that she isn’t going to bother putting pants on because she’s dying to get fucked and is already a little wet. Jay takes the hint and after getting some nice views of her cameltoe gets her in position to operate on her manually. A little lube and his skilled fingers bring Maddie to the first of many loud, intense, real orgasms. When she catches her breath and drops to the floor to demonstrate her blowjob skills, you will agree that Maddie definitely deserves the “milf” title that she admits to craving. This girl knows her way around a dick and isn’t shy about proving it. She alternates between deep throating Jay’s entire dick and slobbering over his balls like a couple of Tootsie pops. If you like slim Latinas, or just multi-orgasmic milfs then Maddie is definitely your kinda chick. As soon as Jay’s at full attention from Maddie’s hummer, he throws her on a nearby chair and gives her a seriously deep fucking which elicits a second (or third) loud orgasm. You can tell pretty quickly how much Maddie is into it, this is a girl who likes to fuck and when she’s getting pounded she really fucks back. She completely lets loose as Jay pounds her to one full throated, dirty talk filled orgasm after another as she bucks her hips into him. Finally he pulls her on top into reverse cowgirl and he drills her to a final huge orgasm that is so intense that she brings Jay along with her. It seems like he was planning to drop a facial on her but loses it as she’s grinding and orgasming on top of him and he end up filling her pussy with a huge, gooey load that starts to dip out as soon as she climbs off. So, five or six orgasms and a fully baked creampie later, we are 100% sure that Maddie is a nympho.

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