[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Courtney (10.08.2015)

Big titty lovers, get excited! This week we welcome Courtney. She’s a thick, tanned, green eyed babe with a set of double D’s that are just amazing. Now first off you’ll notice that Courtney is thick like a prime steak, not thick like a chubby girl on Tinder trying to date up. Make no mistake, between her massive jugs and her massive smile, this girl is 100% prime. This videos starts out in public as Courtney picks Jay up in her little coupe and after a bit of chit chat, Jay has her leaning over the console for a bit of pre-shoot car head. If you can possibly move your eyes away from Courtney’s massive double D’s, you’ll notice that she’s actually got fantastic oral skills. That’s probably why Jay gets things moved inside as quickly as possible and gets started with the interview proper. During the interview, aside from the juicy details of her sex life, Courtney does just about everything a girl can do to get herself a second Ex Co Gi appearance. She’s sexy, earnest, enthusiastic and blurts out how wet her pussy is after just a few moments of sexy chat. Jay takes the hint and gets her on the bed and stripped naked to show off her glorious boobies and rapidly dampening puss. Courtney really lets herself go and enjoys every bit of the shoot, which may be hard to follow since all she can really say to Jay’s ministrations is, “Oh baby!” and her “Oh baby – I’m orgasming!” kinda sounds exactly like her “Oh baby – that feels amazing!” which is pretty much the same as her “Oh baby – that’s interesting.” After getting her pre-heated with fingers, a vibrator and even his tongue Jay has Court drop to the floor for more of her very accomplished oral. It’s as hard for Jay to keep his eyes off those tits as it is for any red blooded male and soon enough, he’s got her back on the bed and is drilling her hard to get those titties bouncing. He fucks her on her back, from behind and then has her climb aboard for cowgirl where she demonstrates hula girl like hip action. Normally Jay would go for a facial and try to get some overspray on the jugs, but Courtney has requested that he avoid the face as she has plans later in the day and being glazed with jizz would be rather embarrassing. Jay does his best to drop his load on her tits, and with such a huge target, it’s not terribly difficult. All we can say about Courtney is, “Oh baby!”

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