[GloryHoleSecrets] Tia (Tia’s First Glory Hole Video POV Camera / 09.02.2015)

Welcome the petite, very sexy Tia to our gloryhole. This is her first ever gloryhole video and she can’t wait to wrap her dick sucking lips around all these strangers cocks and drain every drop of cum out of them. Tia is a knock out, just look at her tight, very short dress and fuck me high heels. Wow! You boys are in for a special Tia treat today. She stands up and calls the guys back and she gives us a nice shot of her gorgeous toned legs and round ass. As she guesses what guys are coming through the hole first, she squats down and her pretty pussy pops out of her dress. She talks about how wet her pussy is and how much wetter it is going to be. Cock number 1 pushes through the hole soft, she wastes no time licking it up and down. She takes him into her mouth and sucks away. He grows big and hard in no time in her warm mouth. She spits on his dick and she gives him a sloppy blowjob/handjob combo until he is ready to explode his man juice into her mouth. She opens it wide and he pops right on to her tongue. She sucks every last drop from him and then swallows his hot load. She gets down on her knees and takes cock 2 into her mouth. She spits on him, she sucks and strokes him slow at first, then goes faster as she moans and groans. As he cums in her mouth, she giggles, shows him then it goes down the hatch. Tia moves over to cock 3, as she is sucking him she gags herself as his penis goes deep down her throat. She loves giving a wet sloppy blowjob and spit is just running down her. She decides to strip off her dress, she loves to be naked. She takes off her fuck me shoes showing off her cute little feet. She gets down to business, she sucks and jerks his cock. She licks his balls and really works him until he is ready to give her another oral creampie. She moves over to cock 4 and he reaches through the hole to grab her nice tits. His cock gets rock hard as he reaches down and touches her pussy. She performs an amazing handjob/blowjob combination until he unleashes his hot load in her mouth. She moves over to cock 5 and takes his dick right into her mouth and gags herself. She loves it sloppy, spit is everywhere. She strokes and sucks him until his penis can’t hold back any longer, he blasts her tongue with his hot semen. Cock number 6 pushes through and she gets down on him. She spits all over him, sucking and stroking. He gets super hard and she pays special attention to his head. She jerks him and slaps his head on her tongue. She goes down on him and pleasures him until his cum shot hits her mouth. Cock 7 is already through the hole ready for his turn. She teases him with her sexy mouth, lips, tongue and hands. She slaps his head on her tongue and strokes him at the same time going really fast. He can’t last much longer with her hotness, he blasts the inside of her mouth with his big hot load. He gave her a mouthful and she has a hard time swallowing it, but of course she does. A hot cum lover for sure. She reaches through the hole and feels cock number 8. He pushes through and she gets down on his penis in no time. She sucks, strokes and pleases him in no time. He doesn’t last long with her and he feeds her him cum shot. Last but not least cock 9 pushes through the hole and she gets him hard, he grows big in her mouth as she sucks, licks and strokes him. When he is ready to squirt she is ready for his cum load and he blasts his monster load all over the place. It goes in her hair, face and mouth. An uncontrollable cum load.


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