[GloryHoleSecrets] Shay Fox (Shay’s First Gloryhole Video / 09.18.2015)

Boy do we have a treat for you! The super hot Shay Fox is ready to shoot her very first Gloryhole scene and she is super excited for her awesome body to be covered in cum. As she sits in the booth she says it looks dark, seedy, sexy and fun. This hottie loves sucking cock! She is dressed up in a sexy secretary outfit with her big titties just popping out of her tight shirt. She has her legs crossed while wearing black thigh highs and fuck me pumps during her interview. She pulls off her top, shows her bra and plays with her huge tits. She stands up and pulls off her tight skirt and exposes her black see through panties. She calls these strangers back and says “hey guys do you want to get your dicks sucked?” Here they come running! Cock number 1 reaches through the hole and plays with her big boobies. She gets down on her knees and spits on his dick, she jerks and sucks him. He grows hard and big in her mouth in no time. She gets his cock super wet with her spit then when he is ready to cum she guides his cock to her awesome chest and he explodes all over her tits. She rubs his cock head all over her hard nipples. Cock 2 pushes through the hole and she says “look at this big cock.” She spits on him and takes him deep down her mouth, he disappears down her throat. Shay sure can deepthroat! She gives him a wet sloppy blowjob/handjob combo until he squirts his man juice all over her titties, giving her a nice big load. She turns to the camera and shows all the cum as she plays with her tits. She helps guide cock 3 through the hole and says it’s like Christmas to her. She sucks his cock with no hands at first getting him hard. She spits on him then strokes him up, telling him to cum on her face. As she is sucking him cock 4 pushes through and she jerks them at the same time. She giggles, she likes that. The more the merrier. When number 3 is ready to cum, she guides his cum load on her titties and he covers her in his semen. It just drips down her sexy chest. Shay moves over to cock 4 and wraps her dick sucking lips around his hard cock. She sucks him deep and slow. She spits on him then jerks him fast. He doesn’t last long with this professional dick sucker, he blasts his hot load all over her perfect tits. She rubs the remaining of cum all over her big sexy lips. She is getting glazed. She helps guide cock 5 though the hole, she spits on his dick and sucks him deep and slow. She continues to jerk, spit and suck until he is ready to pop. Yet another load all over her pretty big titties. Cock 6 pushes through the hole and she performs her magical skills on him. He is big and hard, but she has no problem deepthroating him, she gags herself. She spits all over his penis and continues to deepthroat, sucking and licking every inch of him until he unleashes his cum shot all over her chest. She is ready for more still, she stands up and pulls off her soaking wet panties, shows her sexy body. She reaches down, plays with her big clit and shows how wet and horny she is. Cock 7 pushes through the hole and she once again pleases him. She spits, sucks and jerks his big black cock. She teases him with her tits and licks his shaft up and down. She uses both hands to stroke him and suck at the same time until he can’t hold back any longer. He squirts his cum load all over her neck, chest and face. She moves over to cock 8, she spits and starts working his dick. She plays with his balls at the same time she sucks him super deep. She strokes fast as she spits on him, giving him a wet handjob until he explodes all over her chest. A huge hot load at that. She jerks him until he is empty, getting every last drop on her beautiful self. 8 cum loads are just dripping all over her, she rubs her pretty pussy and says she is ready for more. Cock 9 comes through the hole and she takes him into her warm sexy mouth, no hands at first. She rubs him all over her big lips, spits on him then performs her magic. He gets hard in her mouth and she takes him down deep. She jerks his cock and he pops his jizz all over her big titties and hard nipples. Shay moves over to cock 10 and she licks his cock with her long warm tongue. She opens her legs wide as she sucks him, showing her pretty pussy and big excited clitoris. She strokes and sucks him, loving every second. She tells him she wants his hot fucking cum and she gets just that. You can hear him moan and groan through the hole as he covers her chest in his hot white cum load. Cock 11 is ready for his turn and she is ready to pleasure more. She takes his cock all the way into her mouth and sucks away with no hands at first. Then she spits on his penis, sucking and stroking him until he blasts his sperm all over her. Cock 12 pushes through and she starts to play with his balls. She continues to play with his ball sack as she sucks, strokes and licks him. She loves gagging on his cock, she takes him deep down her throat and works him until he is ready to give her his hot cum shot all over her face and lips. Cock 13 pushes through and she takes his cock into her mouth and sucks him deep. He is rock hard, then she starts to use her hands. She sucks and jerks him fast and deep. She spits on him and strokes him, giving him a wet sloppy handjob. She tickles his balls as she slurps down his dick. She strokes him until he pops, she just lets the cum drip from his cock hole all over her sexy thigh highs. Cock 14 is ready for his turn, Shay treats him like he was the first, pleasing him by licking his balls and jerking him at the same time. She spits then takes him into her warm mouth sucking deep. She goes back to licking and sucking his ball sack, she tells him how hard his dick is. She spits all over his hard cock and gives him a soaking wet handjob as she continues to lick his balls. She takes him into her mouth deep with not using her hands, she gags herself. When he is ready to cum she puts her sexy feet up to the hole and he squirts her thigh highs as she rubs her cute toes all over his cock. Last but not least cock 15 pushes through and Shay works his cock, he grows hard and big in her mouth as she sucks him slow and deep. She plays with his balls, gags herself, spits, sucks and licks until he can’t hold back any longer and blasts her nice big tits. She rubs his cock between her tits until he is finished. She shows her sexy cum covered naked body as she spreads her legs nice and wide. At the end she said she would loved to have had more and will definitely come back for another visit.


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