[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Brandy (09.25.2015)

Brandy is a cute amateur with girl next door looks and a curvy, natural body. She’s sexy and kinda cool and brings a great, amateur attitude along with a youthful libido and natural D cups to Ex Co Gi this week. Girls like Brandy are the reason we started Ex Co Gi. She’s pretty, she looks great naked and, most important of all, she loves to fuck. Every girl on the planet should listen to Brandy’s take on blowjobs because she’s 100% right, which is rare because 19 year old girls with huge tits aren’t exactly known for their wisdom about life. She explains that a blowjob isn’t a particularly difficult thing to do and to do well and your man will really, really appreciate it. Women should really look at the blowjob as a life skill rather than a chore. Guys, have you ever had your chick want to do something stupid like go to Ikea on Saturday to buy crap to hang on the walls? If you have any balls at all your first reaction should be, “Fuck that noise.” But what if your lady was like, “How about we go to Ikea real quick to buy some junk so I can spend the rest of the afternoon giving you a blowjob?” Exactly. You can be sure that Brandy truly loves to fuck when you see her reaction to Jay throwing her face first on the bed and drilling her from behind. As he smacks her bubble butt and fucks her from the back she’s constantly moaning and grunting as she grinds back into him. It’s really great stuff, and definitely requires a few viewings. Brandy is extremely turned on and into it, but she’s holding back because she wants to orgasm at the end. When he flips her over and goes for some deep penetration, however, she can’t hold back and lets loose a hot, full body orgasm that would get the neighbors complaining. Some lucky guy is going to end up with Brandy, just not you. But, on the upside, you do get to watch her suck dick and get fucked to a big, real orgasm this week and then get her pretty face painted with a huge splashy load of jizz and that’s ALMOST as good.

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