[AngelaWhite] Bonnie Rotten, Angela White (09.26.2015)

Bonnie Rotten is known for being a dirty girl and she revels in it during this anal threesome with Erik Everhard. Bonnie gives one of the sloppiest blowjobs you’ll ever see! With saliva and spit bubbles going everywhere I lay underneath Bonnie so that the spit drips right into my waiting mouth. This isn’t the only way Bonnie makes a mess. Also known as Squirtwoman, Bonnie ends up spraying my face and soaking the couch in her delicious juices. We both get our arses fucked by Erik’s thick cock and when he makes my arsehole gape Bonnie screams with delight: “Your asshole is my favourite asshole!” Coming from Bonnie, that means a lot. If you’re after a romantic scene then skip this one. This is an extreme, dirty, gaping, hardcore anal fuck.


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