[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Stacy (07.10.2015)

Meet Stacy, a fun sized girl who loves all kinds of sex including both oral AND anal, so rejoice booty lovers. It’s been a while since we’ve featured a lady who has the bedroom skills to take a dick in the backseat and Stacy does so with surprising confidence considering her tiny size and Jay’s gifts in the dick department; lucky for her he’s not stingy with the lube. Stacy’s got a great little body and for lovers of tiny tits, she’s just about perfect. For guys who aren’t into tiny tits, well they might point out that beyond tiny, Stacy’s tits are actually negative tits. Like if she stood next to a chick with C cups, they’d look like B’s due to some kind of boob-tical illusion. Anyway, boobs aren’t everything. At least that’s what we tell girls like Stacy. Anyway, after starting things off with in the car with a bit of an interview and some surprisingly skillful road head Jay takes a bit of a shine to Stacy and gets her back to Ex Co Gi studios for the real action (action = anal, obvs.) As Stacy digs through her wardrobe she strips and shows off a tiny, tight little body and even offers a nice close up of her tiny, tight little puss. Jays starts off with his fingers and then a toy and nearly gets Stacy off with both. She shows her gratitude by performing some truly artistic cock worship on our man, getting him hard enough to force his way into her bench vise like vag. After mercilessly pounding her pussy, Jay reaches for the lube and takes his time letting Stacy relax her way into some anal. Say what you will about Stacy’s tiny titties, but you don’t buy a Lambo for the trunk space and great mileage. When you you find a tiny little spinner like Stacy you aren’t going to have handfuls of titty to grab onto, but you will get to fuck a pussy so tight it feels like it’s got built in suction. And, as usual, by “you” we mean Jay. And by “Jay” mean the king of the pop shot, which he demonstrates once again by covering Stacy’s face in rope after rope of sticky jizz.


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