[ATKGirlfriends] Ariana Marie (Vegas is great with such a beautiful girl wrapped around your arm / 07.07.2015)

It’s been a while since you last saw Ariana, and she’s as beautiful as ever! You get a hot lunch before heading over to the wax museum. As you watch her change in the bathroom, your mouth is watering. Her flawless body is so tempting. Ariana takes a bunch of selfies in the museum as you gaze at her beautiful face. Now the time you have been thinking all along – bath time! She sinks in a tub full of bubbles, and covers herself with the suds. She teases you a bit with her feet at the edge of the tub, and turns around for you to see her little ass. After drying off, you go out for dinner and dessert, even though you know the real dessert will be served to you in bed later.


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