[HotLegsAndFeet] Angelina Brill (Obey My Feet, Sweeties! / 04.16.2015)

Oh boy, a new fresh-faced friendly bright-eyed Hungarian beauty to TOTALLY enslave us to her feet! Not to mention that awesome butt in those purple leggings! And her toes peeking through in those colorful shoes, oh dear…! Yessir, Angelina Brill–cute and oh so captivating–gets us thoroughly enticed by her flirty fineness as she thrusts her bare size 7.5 soles at our faces. And as she peels off the leggings, we know we’ll ache for hours of bottom worship too, moving from her crack to her thighs and then down, down to those splendid soles… And her pussy! If we were there, obedient to her feet, would she let us lick that? Perhaps only if we’d service her feet well, kissing and licking those flexing toes, our tongues moving over every luscious wrinkle of her soles…making her girlishly giggle even in her moments of power over us! And would we get to suck those toes too, like Angelina shows that she does herself? Once naked, she pleasures her slit with a sex toy that matches the color of her toenail polish, and we can only hope that we’d be good enough foot worshippers for her, so maybe, maybe someday, we’d get the pleasure and honor of experiencing that luscious pussy pie too!


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