[HotLegsAndFeet] Abril Gerald (Easter’s Kinksters / 04.04.2015)

In today’s foot fetish roleplay, cutie Abril Gerald from Ukraine is in Easter Bunny mode, complete with decorative floppy ears, as she awaits the arrival of her boyfriend Thomas Stone. But the holiday gift he brings her is a chocolate bunny–WTF?? Then he wants to see her take off her shoes and crush the cream-filled cocoa bunny with her bare size 9 feetsies!! Oh his kinkiness is off the hook sometimes!! Still, she loves him. Also, if it leads to the things she prefers–like some sensual toe sucking, footjob action, his big cock in her mouth and shaved pussy–well, she’ll indulge his pervy passion. He likes her to be “dominant” so she orders him in a no-nonsense tone to eat the chocolate off her toes, and after he performs well at that submissive task, soon enough she’s blowing his big dick in this hardcore fetish XXX video. Eventually they stop focusing on the chocolate between her toes and Thomas stuffs her snatch with his hard big dick, which she also strokes with her soles in huge closeups that show off her agile toes, light pink toenail polish, and high smooth arches. Finally he squirts his load all over her toes and insteps in the climax of this holiday foot fetish feast!


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