[CollegeFuckParties] Arian, Dominika, Anna-Taylor, Olivia, Mary-Dee (Horror Theme Party With Naughty College Girls, Part 1 / 04.14.2015)

Who doesn’t like horror stories? We all do! And we had a brilliant idea – we decided to organize a horror theme party for our sexy college girls! it took place in a small cottage in the woods, and everyone had to dress up as characters of some horror movie. So we had witches, vampires, a nurse in a bloodstained lab coat, a demon and so on. The excited college chicks got the party started by telling each other gruesome stories about ghosts, witchcraft, cannibal mortuary workers and mysterious suicides. It was all really hair-raising and thrilling, but best of all, it got the pretty party girls really turned on. It’s not that they were some weirdos, ha-ha, it’s just that fear always makes us horny.


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