[1ByDay] Abril Gerald (Hot Babe’s Fave Fantasies / 04.30.2015)

Abril Gerald has a busy day ahead of her, so the Ukrainian cutie figures she’ll start off with a good orgasm first, even before she has coffee. With the morning sun pouring in just to the side of her slender naked body, she caresses her shaved pussy and rubs her titties and thinks of some of her favorite fantasies… She imagines a nice guy getting naked on the couch with her, lifting her hips to press his cock deep into her kitty…and then turning her around and doing her while she stretches out on her tummy…digging in sooo deep… Or just to lay on the couch and kiss him, while he strokes her nipples and slides his fingers down into the cleft of her cunny…ohh!! Whew. That felt good! And now that’s she’s cleared her head, it’s time to dress in some pretty scanties and a frock, and start her day. Abril hopes you’ve enjoyed her Full HD erotic video and glamour porn nude pics of it all!


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